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                      About the Journal
  Chinese Journal of Radiological Health is one of the Source Journals for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations and belongs to the series published by Chinese Preventive Medicine Association (CPMA). It is a national academic journal supervised by National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and co-sponsored by Institute of Radiation Medicine, Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences and CPMA, and is a professional academic journal publishing research findings and management experience in the field of radiological health, issued to the public in China and abroad. Under the guidance of the Communist Party of China and the national press and publication policies, the Journal actively publicizes the guidelines and policies of the Party and the state on health work, promotes the implementation of relevant laws, regulations and standards, and timely reports new achievements, new information, new methods and new products in the specialty, with the aim of organizing and promoting the academic communication of radiological health in China and improving the academic level of the specialty, and for the purpose of protecting the health of radiation workers and the public while promoting the extensive use of radioisotopes and radiation devices in the national economy. The main columns include Original Articles, Expert Comments, Experience Exchange, Standards and Guidelines, and Review Articles.
  Radiological health workers, scientific and technical personnel in the specialty, teachers and students in colleges and universities, environmental protection workers, radiological health workers in the industrial, agricultural, medical and health sectors, radiological protection administrative personnel, clinicians and technicians related to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, etc.
  Responsible Institution
  National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China
  Institute of Radiation Medicine,Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences
  Chinese Preventive Medicine Association
  Honorary Editor in Chief
  YU Jinming
  Editor in Chief
  SU Xu
  ZHANG Liang’an
  Executive Deputy Editor in Chief 
  ZHU Jianguo
  Deputy Editor in Chief
  ZHU Maoxiang  LIU Liye  LIU Xiaodong  SUN Quanfu  LI Junli  WU Hao  ZHUO Weihai 
  JIN Shunzi  CAO Jianping
  Editoral Director
  LI Hailiang
  Editiorial Department of Chinese Journal of Radiological Health
  Shandong Social Science Printing House
  Jinan Post Office
  Local Post Office
  Code Number:24-094
  CN 37-1206/R

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